is a web portal with +4 000 free contents on Consumer protection in Spain. Consumoteca was founded in 2009 by Juan del Real, consumer protection champion.

Since September 2009, Consumoteca has been participated by a group of professionals from consumer law, health, economics and finance (Juan, Eva, Fernando, Martín, María, Belén, Eva R., Juan T, Alicia, Jesús, etc.). We keep alive the contents of this web with news and current issues that affect us as consumers in Spain:

In Consumoteca you will find:

  • Practical content to make your life as a consumer or user easier and help you choose well.
  • Contracts and templates for housing, automobile, telecommunications, etc.
  • Tips and experiences from other consumers so that the same thing does not happen to you.
  • Very little publicity, enough to keep this Community of consumers alive.
  • A language of the street, without entanglements or expert terminology.

You also have the word. Your lived experiences and the contents that you want to make us arrive as an expert in your world are welcome.

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